Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoe hiking is the ideal winter sport for hikers and nature lovers who want to enjoy pristine snow landscapes far from the busy slopes.

If you can hike, you can also master snowshoeing in a short time. Snowshoe hiking is fun through activity in the fresh winter air surrounded by unspoilt nature. It is not very technical like skiing and does not require a long course or special equipment. With some professional help, snowshoeing can be learned in no time at all.

In winter, the Thuringian Forest has always offered many "ski trails" and cross-country trails. Cross-country skiing is traditionally the means of transport of the Thuringian Forest in winter. These trails are also used for the international sled dog races.

For a winter experience far away from the noise of the slopes, Langenbach is highly recommended. From our house you can take your own cross-country skis on the road or go snowshoe hiking in the pristine snow in places where no one comes.

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